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Time to get Fiit!

Look, at my generation's age, we all know at some point we gotta start getting at least somewhat in shape before we start falling apart. Great, but way easier said than done. What we usually do is buy one of those cheap gym memberships sometime after New Year's and attend maybe once or twice before willfully forgetting - along with hoping everybody you told on social media does - that membership still exists until it runs out.

Not a great plan because it's really, REALLY hard to maintain your life and go to some gym where everyone around you seems to already be in decent shape. It's pretty intimidating and there is so much to know in order not to be wasting your efforts that most of us just throw up our hands and give up.

What you really need is some help. Not just for an hour of different exercise positions but how to fit being fit into your everyday lifestyle.

That's where Tobey from Fiithaus comes in. Sure, there are exercise classes using modern techniques and equipment to get the meat of the work done, but what about the other 23hrs of your day? Tobey works with her clients to establish sustainable and delicious meal plans that maximizes the effects of their efforts no matter what shape (or maybe lack of) you are currently in.

Tobey and her team of qualified and friendly instructors also offer personal one-on-one training that is geared to your specific needs and established goals.

I've personally seen the results from more than one of her clients over the years and it really is incredible the work she does that's over and above the call of duty and have no problems recommending her to anyone thinking of maybe taking a different direction in life.

Give her a call at 519.781.3348 and tell her The Graphics Guy sent ya. :)

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