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The design is in the cards

Sometimes you just need a quick business card to hand out while you're trying to figure out how to market yourself in the future. Deciding on a logo, with the expense of marketing materials, and starting an advertising campaign, be it big or small, is quite the commitment. Especially when you are still looking to define a niche in your industry.

Sometimes it's something simple like a phone number or web site domain name you aren't 100% sure of using for the long term. It's harder (and expensive) to go back then to get all of your ducks in a row and move forward with a solid plan and brand image right from the gates.

Well, circumstances can easily put you in that position, but it doesn't have to be a particularly expensive proposition to throw together something great that's temporary.

In Justin's case, he needs something now to hand to potential clients that doesn't look cheesy or cheap before going down the road of branding himself.

Here's a simple card design we came up with that gets straight to the point and serves the purpose of getting his contact info into potential customer's hands, with custom design and 1,000 business cards for under $100. Simple and effective.

If you need a quick card but don't want to settle for impersonal, stock graphics on paper thin cheap cards, don't end up disappointed by that online printing site. Shoot me an email and let's talk.

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