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Safety Tree

I recently had the opportunity to work with Stephanie Belsher of Safety Tree to refresh her branding and marketing materials. What is "Safety Tree" you say? Well, briefly, Safety Tree is a seminar for kids and teens, held at local schools and venues across Ontario (and soon Quebec) teaching life skills covering many aspects of personal safety.

These seminars presently cover three age groups: 7-10, 9-12, and 11-14 and target life skills they may not otherwise receive in their educational curriculum. These seminars utilize traditional gaming, video, digital media and role-play to get across skills required for responsible decision-making in regards to many aspects of everyday life.

The great thing about these day courses is they are modernized for today's social media and technology situations that some parents may not have experience with, and expand on them even if they do.

As for branding, we came up with a plan that involved a logo redesign including 3 proportional formats for various media needs and applied them to her marketing materials, including a vehicle partial wrap...

Handout course info cards...

and various pull-up banners and display banners for venues these courses will be held at.

With Canadian Red Cross® certification and SOS4Kids, Safety Tree courses are highly sought after so consider finding one being held near you for any of your kids! Check out SafetyTree's (soon to be revamped) website for more information!

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