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Damian Baxter goes live

One of the great things about my work in developing brand imaging is when the opportunity comes around to work with certain friends, especially when they are the type of person who can let those they work with do what they do best with guidance, not micromanagement. All too often I work with clients that have gotten to the point they are at by doing almost everything by themselves and have a difficult time implementing new ideas and bolder concepts while preferring to stay well within the confines of their own perceptions of how their brand should be projected.

Damian Baxter's postcard flyer (4"x9" 14pt matte finish) promoting his new website by The Graphics Guy™ at

In short, the best results come from first identifying the right person for the job, and then trusting in them to do what you hired them for with enough guidance to realize your vision, and hopefully enhancing it. Damian was able to get across what he needed, and bold enough to be open to new concepts which struck an efficient balance, which I'm sure he applies to his own client relationships to good effect.

Damian Baxter is that kind of guy. And the result was good communication and efficient workflow in the process of recreating his brand to reflect what he does, and who he is. I know many real estate agents, many of whom are excellent people, and Damian is one of the better that I know with a self-effacing, easy to trust personality. The kind of guy who prefers his message to be bigger and the size of his name smaller, which is actually refreshing in such a competitive-minded industry.

Anyway, that's enough sucking up. If you're thinking about buying or selling a home, or are interested in looking for an investment property - and want to be one of the first to know when something specific to your requirements comes on the market - you might benefit from checking out the website I designed for him and some of the useful tools therein.

Perhaps you can say that I sent you and with any luck my next beer & wings dinner might just be on him. ;)

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