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That's a title you probably had to look twice at.

It may not be something you plan your vacations around, or in fact think all that much about except maybe when the cat trots past you hacking up hairballs while naonchalantly trailing dust-bunnies over your carpet. But every house owner knows it has to be done at some point, especially as spring approaches along with all of those crappy seasonal colds and flus.

If you haven't guessed by this point, I'm talking about getting your ducts sucked. In the house. You know those vents that blow out all that nice, dry furnace air all winter?

Unfortunately, dust and allergens love to stick to the insides of these things for some reason my old physics teacher would probably love to explain in monotonous detail, and it's generally a good idea to get them cleaned every...well, at least once since you first bought the place. ;)

Fortunately for me and you there are actually little gnomes that will go into those dusty vents and get rid of all that accumulated dog and daughter hair with their magical brooms of...

Ok, I'm lying. What it actually takes is a big brand spanking new truck with an awesomely huge - and a witheringly expensive I'm told - motorized engine inside, and some determined guys to carefully vacuum out all that stuff for you.

Sounds like a lot of hassle but the cost is actually very reasonable. The whole dusty airborne allergen thing not floating through my venerably old house gives me some peace of mind anyway.

Anyway, Frank Orsan let me slap a bunch of graphics on this brand new truck, which we plan to finish up shortly but thought it was the perfect time to share this with all of you given the season.

Don't be afraid to give him a call. He's actually a pretty nice guy and I really appreciated how quick and painless it was to get this all out of the way and hopefully skip a sick day or two going into spring! Well, not that this is likely with a daughter in public school, but at least I probably won't have to furiously shake my fists at the walls if it does!

Call Frank Orsan of Orsan Air Services at 519-954-4778, drop them an email, or go to

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