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It's ok to be a bit seedy...

Who doesn't like pancakes am I right? And bacon. Ah sweet, lovely, crispy bacon...

But I digress...

When I was approached by my brother-in-law Steve about his idea to market his mother's pancake recipe I was, well, largely unimpressed. I mean, who really cares for fancy pancakes? Except maybe the French. Crepes are actually pretty awesome too with strawberries and maybe some creme drizzled...


Where was I again?

Right. Anyway, so Steve gives me a ziplock baggie full of what turned out to be some pretty dope pancake mix to try out that he wants to brand as "Seedy Steve's Pancake Mix" and market locally as a healthy breakfast alternative. And yes, you read that right, there is hulled hemp in there but I'm pretty sure it won't get you high or anything before you commute to work, but happily there are also four other healthy seed types like pumpkin, sunflower, chia, and poppy seed for good measure.

And I have to say, it actually tasted great despite my initial misgivings, and being on a bit more of a health kick these days (hey I'm 47 now so I'm kinda obligated) I like the idea of getting a bit more bang out of my breakfast. I think this guy might be onto something.

Being family of sorts I thought I'd pitch in with some branding and packaging ideas that he can work with while starting out and in a few weeks I'll probably post the final product, as it seems to reflect a decent balance between marketing necessities and an original, classically rustic look, utilizing small paper bags and some hemp twine weaved through the tri-folded 4x6 card-stock label.

It'll probably make more sense when we get a packaging sample done. ;)

At some point I'll likely end up designing a website for him sporting some other recipe ideas along with user submissions perhaps, but he really wants to keep a personal, rather than corporate feel.

You know, I have to admit I kinda get a kick out of the "seedy" mugshot profile pic of Steve with his tropical fedora and Miami Vice five o'clock shadow.

If you are interested in trying some of this crazy-good flapjack stuff, or maybe have some shelf space in your health store / farmer's market booth, go ahead and drop him a line at :

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