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Save the pets

So your house is on fire and you're not home. Luckily everybody in the household is at work or school but...what about the pets?

Well, a client of mine, Carey, from Proud Canines will be giving her clients a handy little "sticker" for their front door that alerts Firemen (and perhaps any superheros that might happen by) of how many dogs, cats, or other pets live on the premises that might need rescuing.

So Carey has me design up a small but attention-getting "static cling" sticker for the front door of her pet-owner client's doors that can show a fireman how many pets reside in their home. You know, just in case Fluffy, your Siamese is hiding from the smoke in her favourite nook behind the water softener in the basement.

As a static-cling sticker, it can be removed and re-marked (with a dry-erase marker) and replaced so you're not stuck scraping it off with cold sweat and a razor when your pet dormitory occupancy changes. Anyway, another neat project worth mentioning.

If you need quality pet grooming from a wonderfully experienced groomer, click on the image above and check out her site:

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