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Site Redesign

So I finally got around to redesigning the website to better reflect what I do and how I do it. Website design hadn't really been my specialty but this was more of a tool limitation than anything else although like any specialty there is a lot to dig into in order to really stand out and be unique.

With that said, I'm going to likely annoy any pro web designers out there by stating right here that yes, I used one of the best free webtools on the net with For non web-designers it works great as a simple template based design software that doesn't require coding knowledge, but where it shines for me in particular is the ability to customize the site so intimately with my own graphics.

In fact, I will likely be offering improved web design from what I was doing previously using WIX (or perhaps Frontpage in time) in the near future for relatively simple sites for clients, that will include e-commerce features, mobile friendly versions, and other features.

But you might say, "Well, if it's that easy why don't I just do my own website with WIX?"

I would reply that it might not be a bad idea! Learning something new and challenging yourself is rarely a bad thing. But keep in mind being a do-it-yourselfer can sometimes be a horrible idea.

Although free sites offer beautiful templates and design layouts, do you really want to create your own graphic elements and try to incorporate them into an existing design that will likely look like a free templated website? Even with the easy to use tools there are hours upon hours of time spent going through menus, upload dialogues, text typing, etc.,etc.

And at the end of it all will your site look as professional as you need it by doing it yourself?

Anyway, that would be for you to decide. Give it a try perhaps and if it doesn't work out, drop me a line. :)


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