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So what is ClimbLife™ anyway and what is it supposed to stand for?

Besides the obvious - being a marketing brand for products we hope you like - ClimbLife™ is simply a vehicle for expressing our shared love of climbing and encouraging the best aspects of the climbing community through recognition of the branding among climbers.

Although it may just be a collection of products like any other, we would like to propose that the ClimbLife™ brand suggests one is not apt to be judgemental or unavailable for sharing their climbing experiences with others.

The ClimbLife™ is about being students and sometimes teachers of the skills, joys, and physical benefits of involvement in a community that on the whole is warming and welcoming to everybody.

We are apolitical.

This means we are not about telling people what or how they should think. First of all, you don't need a company or a brand to tell you how to think or how to act. Advocacy is fine, if you are so inclined, but it is simply not our place or desire to do so as a company.  We are about climbing.  Full stop.

ClimbLife™ is about meeting new people and conversing over our shared climbing experiences.

ClimbLife™ is also not exclusive to elite climbers!  Anybody who has enjoyed climbing as much we have, at any level, knows that the vast majority of climbers we've met aspire to be good people on an individual level, no matter what race, religion, or political leaning they may subscribe to, if any.

If what our brand represents, or does not represent, offends you, or is not progressive (or regressive) enough for your particular tastes, then we encourage you to bypass our brand and find something more suitable to your preferred form of advocacy and expression.

If there is one thing we do advocate as a brand, it's that we want to initiate better dialogue between diverse people through climbing in the hopes of stemming the tide of divisiveness plaguing our society today.

If any of this sounds reasonable to you then welcome to the ClimbLife™!

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